Streamlining Your ASP.NET Core Application with API Gateway using Ocelot

Getting Started with Ocelot

First things first, let's set up a new ASP.NET Core project. You can do this either through Visual Studio or the .NET CLI. Once your project is set up, you can start by installing the Ocelot NuGet package.

dotnet add package Ocelot

With Ocelot installed, the next step is configuring it to act as an API gateway. Ocelot uses a configuration file (ocelot.json) to define routing rules and other settings.

Configuring Ocelot

Here's a simple example of an ocelot.json configuration file:

  "Routes": [
      "DownstreamPathTemplate": "/api/{everything}",
      "DownstreamScheme": "https",
      "DownstreamHostAndPorts": [
          "Host": "",
          "Port": 443
      "UpstreamPathTemplate": "/api/{everything}",
      "UpstreamHttpMethod": [ "GET", "POST" ]
  "GlobalConfiguration": {
    "BaseUrl": "https://localhost:5000"

In this configuration:

  • Routes: Defines the routing rules. Here, requests to /api/{everything} are forwarded to the downstream service at
  • GlobalConfiguration: Sets the base URL for the gateway.

Integrating Ocelot with ASP.NET Core

To integrate Ocelot with your ASP.NET Core application, you'll need to add the Ocelot middleware to the application pipeline in your Startup.cs file.

public void ConfigureServices(IServiceCollection services)

public void Configure(IApplicationBuilder app, IWebHostEnvironment env)

Advanced Features and Considerations

While the above example covers basic routing, Ocelot offers a plethora of advanced features and configurations, including:

  • Load Balancing: Distribute incoming requests across multiple instances of a service.
  • Authentication and Authorization: Secure your API gateway and authenticate users before forwarding requests to downstream services.
  • Rate Limiting: Prevent abuse and ensure fair usage of your APIs by limiting the number of requests per user or IP address.
  • Request Aggregation: Combine multiple requests into a single call to reduce network overhead.
  • Service Discovery: Dynamically discover and route requests to available services.


Implementing an API gateway with Ocelot in ASP.NET Core empowers developers to build scalable, resilient, and secure microservices architectures. By centralizing routing and adding advanced features, Ocelot simplifies the complexity of managing microservice communication, allowing teams to focus on delivering value to their users.

Whether you're building a new application or refactoring an existing one, integrating Ocelot as your API gateway can streamline your development process and enhance the performance and security of your ASP.NET Core applications.

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